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we are a bridge to a better financial life in developing countries

At Tleocd limited we believe everyone deserves a better life and an easy access to financial solutions. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been working harder with our team of experts to make it a reality for our customers.

Zabayo David

Founder TLEOCD Limited
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What Peopel’s Say

Different people from different locations sharing their experience about TLEOCD limited.
Nakabale Shadia
Nakabale Shadia Business Woman
I've tried TLEOCD... My experience with them was better and is still better...They are really thorough
Amuhaire Robinah
Amuhaire Robinah Client in Western Uganda
Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days for me and my twin sis! We met very professional and good ppl @TLEOCD. Thumbs up! today dey gave me a loan of UGX100,000 and am to add in my business

Our Vision

To help millions of people like you – change your lives to the next level by giving a fair access to credit when other institutions aren’t an option, with lending products to meet your exceptional needs.

Our Mission

To change peoples lives to the next level but also putting a smile on faces of hundreds of children and mothers in the communities, we operate thus impacting peoples lives positively.
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Why Choose TLEOCD Limited

The choices we make shape the world we live in, more so decisions about where to invest our money can impact our future lives. There is a growing desire to fuel confidence that we are making ethical choice about daily finance.

100% Safe

We have safe investments that Can help keep your money secure and safe.

Transparency is a key

TLEOCD allows organizations and individuals to spot and investigate issues that undermine their security and operations with their investments, helping them resolve issues quickly.

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